Chevron Group

Innovation continues to be the hallmark of Karl’s approach to the development of Chevron Group

Chevron Training was established in 2005 and is Ireland’s leading provider of childcare and healthcare training.


Chevron employs over 60 staff and provides award-winning accredited training to over five thousand learners per annum.

Operating from a contemporary retail styled office in Wexford town, the company employs fifty full-time staff. Chevron is a multi-accredited training provider, whose robust quality assurance procedures have been validated by both domestic and international accreditation bodies. In recognition of Chevron’s commitment to the highest standards of training provision, the company employs trainers who are both technically qualified and practically experienced in their field of expertise.

A provider of online training since 2007, Chevron was one of Ireland’s first training providers to adopt this flexible delivery methodology. The online training market continues to experience exponential growth and Chevron has remained at the forefront of this market by employing the latest technological advancements through instructional design, gamification and mobile learning. The company is currently investing heavily in developing content for the Oculus Rift, an immersive virtual reality technology.

Specialising in both Childcare and Healthcare education, Chevron delivers training from levels 5 – 9 on the National Framework of qualifications to both the public and private sector.